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If your store has an online presence, Klaviyo is made just for you. You need a marketing automation platform that meets your current needs and can scale as you grow. In many cases, finding the right marketing automation is challenging. YOu may have an idea as to what you need but are not sure which platform will ultimately be the best fit. This is where Full Stack Marketing can help. We are marketing automation experts and currently manage email list sizes in the millions for our clients. From building email lists to tracking web traffic to building strong campaigns that capture better leads, Klaviyo has been a favorite of our eCommere clients. The analytics dashboard makes it easy to see your results in a real time setting; no more waiting for reports that you can no longer act on. 



Our Marketing Automation Services 

Marketing automation is much more than email.  Properly marketing to prospects and current customers alike requires a deep understanding of who they are and what they desire. You have developed a robust content library and want to put it to use. With Klaviyo, you not only get a world-class email delivery system but much more. An integrated Customer Resource Management (CRM) system holds the data on each unique individual. You can create campaign strategies based on lead scoring models that evaluate web, email, and social activity. And you will have more time to build your business. The drip, nurture, and email campaigns can all be automated! Plus, Klaviyo now offers SMS (test) messaging. Keep in touch with your customers in the manner that they desire. 

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Email campaign strategy development, custom templates and forms, training, and fully managed services for Klaviyo. 

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