Quality Control Specialist reviewing printed image from AdoramaPix lab

The Long Road to “Excellent”

A CMO’s Perspective

Printique has the same goal as every other business. That is to have a product or service that resonates with the intended audience and in the manner intended. The road to “excellent” is not only long but is filled with challenges along the way.

Achieving ratings of “Excellent” in the marketplace is a dream come true. It happens far less frequently than desired and when does, justifiable excitement results.

Some History of Printique (AdoramaPix)

Founded in 1996 by Herman Klein, AdoramaPix evolved from humble beginnings to its current 20,000 square foot production facility in Brooklyn, NY. The product line expanded from simple printing to offering photo books, wedding albums, poster-sized prints, canvas prints, and custom framing. More recently, metal and wood prints expanded the wall art category. And just this summer, AdoramaPix introduced a new Soft Cover lay-flat book that filled a demand not previously met.

Looking at a metal print made by AdoramaPix on the wall above the fireplace

No road to success is without hurdles and AdoramaPix has had its share to overcome. Yet Herman kept his eye on the prize and brought us to where we are. He now works with the new leadership team to continue the expansion of our product lines, templates, and to improve technology. Our emphasis is on meeting the needs of our clientele, now and in the future.

Printique Today

As Chief Marketing Officer of Printique, I see firsthand the transformation of our teams on a daily basis. From those in leadership to customer service, and to the production staff, the organization has drawn the line. They are dedicated to delivering exceptional quality products and service to every customer, from the consumer to professional photographer. Simply stated, #QualityMatters at Printique. And as you can see, our customers are not the only ones that notice the quality of our products. Major publications are also paying attention.

In August, PC Magazine tested, rated, and reviewed the top web printing services for the “Best Online Photo Printing Services of 2017.” Printique (AdoramaPix) received both an “Editor’s Choice” and “excellent” rating. PC Magazine Article

It is exciting to see our efforts recognized as we make our way to the top. At the same time, I realize that relishing in this moment of glory has to be short-lived. The need to get to the top is not as important as staying there. As you might expect, we are maintaining a razor-sharp focus on improving on the wonderful score we received in August. Doing so has brought AdoramaPix another reward.

Consumer Reports® Magazine is a highly respected and unbiased rating organization and has earned a high degree of consumer trust. In their December 2017 issue, they rated many of the top Photo Printing Services. AdoramaPix received an “Excellent” rating, scored 97 out of a possible 100, and placed #2 out of all the services evaluated. We are both excited and humbled by the recognition.

The Future Looks Bright

Any marketing executive will acknowledge, you must be grateful for the wonderful recognition yet, at the same time, realize that the work will never be done. In fact, it is just beginning.

Our Printique customers, past, present, and future, count on Printique to deliver the quality for which y have been acknowledged. The bar has been set and the standard is high. The competition wants the top spot and it is the responsibility of everyone on the team to deny them the place we worked so hard to earn.

The entire AdoramaPix team is up to the challenge. The goal is to continue to receive recognition for our work, both nationally, and from our customers.

Created In Brooklyn By AdoramaPix badge in the corner of the room near a window

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