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As a former Thryv Partner Agency, I was able to access and use the full solution in both demo and live settings. Initially, I felt it would be a good platform for small business that did not need specific functionality in individual areas of the solution. As with most all-in-one platforms, there is a need to compromise functionality is each area in order to gain the single platform solution. Rarely are there needs that require multiple platforms for the small business user.

Both the partner management and onboarding teams bring excellent service levels in their interactions with both the partner and the end-user clientele. Is that enough? Let’s delve a bit deeper.

What is the Thryv solution and is it a good fit?

Pros & Cons

Thryv is a customer relationship management (CRM) software designed primarily for small businesses to manage their marketing, customer communication, and other business processes. While Thryv has its strengths, there may be several reasons why there may be hesitation to recommend it:

  1. Complexity: Some users find Thryv to be complex and overwhelming, especially if they are not tech-savvy. The learning curve can be steep, which might deter some users from fully utilizing its features.
  1. Cost: Thryv’s pricing can be relatively high, especially for small businesses or startups with limited budgets. Some users might find the cost prohibitive compared to other CRM options that offer similar features at a lower price point.
  1. Integration: While Thryv offers integration with some popular third-party tools and services, its integration capabilities might not be as extensive as other CRM software options. This could be a drawback for businesses that rely heavily on specific integrations for their workflow.
  1. Customization limitations: Thryv may have limitations when it comes to customizing the software to fit specific business needs. Businesses with unique requirements might find that Thryv does not offer enough flexibility in customization.
  1. Customer support: While Thryv provides customer support, some users have reported issues with responsiveness and the quality of support provided. This can be frustrating for businesses that rely on prompt and effective support to resolve issues.

Ultimately, I was able to overcome most of the above concerns. However, international access and technical support were two obstacles that I could not get past.

Thryv technical support is far from the best

Technical support at THryv

Yes, that’s a significant concern for businesses that rely on prompt and effective technical support. When the initial team is unable to resolve the issue, there is typically a mechanism to escalate to higher tier support. But not at Thryv. They makes it difficult, in fact impossible,  to escalate technical issues. The result is frustration and downtime for users who encounter critical problems that need urgent resolution.

When businesses invest in CRM software, they often expect timely and efficient support to address any technical challenges they encounter. Thryv’s support escalation process is cumbersome and inefficient, and ultimately that can negatively impact a business’s operations and productivity, especially if they rely heavily on the software for essential functions like customer management, marketing, or sales.

When evaluating any CRM software options, businesses should consider not only the features and pricing but also the quality and accessibility of technical support. A CRM solution with a responsive and reliable support team that can quickly address and escalate technical issues can be crucial for businesses, especially those that rely heavily on the software to run their operations.

Reaching Thryv Management

Management Accessibility at Thryv

The difficulty in reaching Thryv management could be a significant concern for businesses, especially if they have specific needs or issues that require attention at a higher level. When businesses invest in CRM software, they often expect transparency and accessibility from the vendor, including the ability to escalate issues to management when necessary.

Thryv has limited international use

International Use at Thryv

Yes, that’s another point to consider. Thryv is primarily designed for businesses operating within the United States. While it may offer some functionality for international use, such as multi-currency support or language options, its core features and support are tailored to the U.S. market.

While not concerned with the limitations of an international business, access to the platform while traveling is a problem. Thryv security limits access to the software unless you are in an approved country. Imagine that you travel and are unable to access the platform for the period of time you are away. That is not good nor acceptable in this day and age.

Recommendation; Winner of Loser?

Winner or Loser Thryv

Thryv has the potential to be an excellent solution for small business but not yet. Until technical support offers a better level of customer engagement and honest concern in finding a resolution to any issue, it will never achieve a high score. Currently, the mantra seems to be “the company says…”, even if common sense would indicate otherwise.

Additionally, while the need for security is critical, solutions do exist that protect both the Thryv environment and also give the customer access to the platform. Unfortunately, Thryv has a “take it or leave it” attitude.

Thryv not recommended

With all things considered, and in spite of the solution having value, the limitations and restrictions leave no option other than not to recommend.