Can Your Small Business Compete on the Big Stage?

Small businesses are the lifeblood of the American economy. They employ more people than large corporations, but often must compete from a deficit. Let’s face it, small businesses don’t have the deep marketing pockets of enterprise corporations. This is where  the team at Full Stack Marketing fills the gap.

Full Stack Marketing  Consultants was created because there is a need to level the marketing playing field for small- to medium-sized businesses. While the company continues to provides services to major enterprise organizations, it understands the needs of small- and mid-sized operations. Hence, they created a small-businesses division, providing cost-effective, results-oriented services with enterprise experience. Moreover,  the company  works with over 40 digital-marketing specialists worldwide to bring you best-in-class expertise.

Founded in 2012 by Mike McCormick

Mike McCormickThe company was founded by 40+ year, sales and marketing veteran, Michael J. (Mike) McCormick. He successfully specialized in high-volume executive retail management, learning development, digital and social-media marketing. He frequently speaks on various digital marketing topics as a keynote speaker at industry events, as a seminar and webinar presenter, and as a member of SCORE. Mike’s expertise is sought out by businesses throughout the U.S. and he has been featured on ABC, CBS, NBC and FOX. media collage

More About Mike McCormick

As a Digital Marketing executive, Mike led all aspects of online marketing for one of the largest publishers in the United States. He directly designed and developed strategies for e-commerce, email, social, and content marketing. As the major decision maker, he oversaw the development of an e-commerce website utilizing the Drupal CMS and Drupal Commerce modules. Through the use of cross-marketing strategies, he elevated the effectiveness of the previously standalone direct mail marketing processes. As a fractional Chief Marketing Officer, he now leads the marketing efforts of a division of the fourth largest electronics retailer in the U.S. In addition, he continues to secure and implement marketing automation platforms that lead to increased revenue, reduced cost, improved customer engagement and higher Customer Life Time Value. Reporting is also automated using an Azure cloud based environment, a database ETL process, and Tableau visualizations of both structured and unstructured data. He is Google Analytics and AdWords Certified.

Mike’s early career includes various retailing specialties such as luxury good (fine jewelry, watches, collectibles), technology (wireless, telecommunications) and apparel (fine apparel, uniforms). In each of these specialties, he was recognized as a company leader in sales, operations, finance and human resources. In many cases, he was brought in as a turn around specialist at the store, region, and division levels.

As a Learning and Development specialist, he created sales performance programs, wireless data training, and virtual classroom workshops. He facilitated virtual and instructor led programs in Leadership, Management, Coaching, Team-Building, Selection and Hiring, Behavioral Interviewing, Finance for Retail, P&L management, and Time Management, to name a few. In addition to being a facilitator, Mike has been involved in many Train The Trainer Programs that encompass Presentation Skills, Effective Training Techniques, Cascaded Training, and Adult Learning Principles. He is highly skilled in the use of many of the Webinar applications. He holds trainer certification from organizations such as Priority Management,  Achieve Global, Development Dimensions International (DDI), and Center for Management and Organization Development (CMOE). As a keynote speaker  covering topics ranging from business to aviation, he has presented to audience sizes up to 4,000.

From a personal perspective, Mike is a successful competitor in Long Distance Motorcycle Rally events. He has numerous certificates from the Iron Butt Association including multiple Saddle Sore 1000’s (1000 miles/24 hours) and a Bun Burner Gold (1500 miles/24 hours). His desire to educate goes beyond the business world and he continues to bring joy to those interested in flying. He is a Certified Flight Instructor, Ground Instructor, and Airline Transport Pilot. Additionally, for over 10 years, Mike has played an important role in the lives of unwanted pets and has rescued and/or adopted over 20 pets ranging from large birds, rabbits, reptiles, and dogs.  


“Mike is detailed oriented and focused on client results. He is great at developing and creating cost effective marketing strategies that are proven to work for any company. If you’re looking for results, I definitely recommend Mike.”

Manoucher P.: Startup eCommerce Business Owner

Meet Our Team

Vice President of Administration 

Michelle Davis

Michelle McCormick

Michelle oversees the administrative functions of the company, including HR, Payroll, Benefits, and Accounting. 

Audio & Visual Production Manager

Joshua Moody

Joshua Moody

Joshua is responsible for all AV production. An accomplished actor, he is also available for on-screen promotions, PSA’s and voice-over work.

Marketing Coordinator and Automation Manager

James McCormick

James McCormick

James is responsible for the managing the back-end functions of all marketing automation platforms. He also conducts all marketing research, data collection and analysis, and lead generation for our clients. He is Google Analytics Certified.

Google analytics qualified individual
Google adwords qualified individual