Marketing Automation is more than just email. It is an integration of many tools utilized in digital marketing including:

Customer Resource Management (CRM), Social Media, Forms, Landing Pages, Chatbots, Analytics, Email, Campaigns, Ads, Shopping Cart, Lead Scoring, Sales Optimizers, Media, Sales Dialers, and Advanced Automation.

Not every business needs all of the automation available however finding solutions where the platform offers all of the features that you do need IN ONE PLACE, is far easier to manage that trying to integrate various independent solutions. And the analytics available in a full marketing automation solution makes combined data readily available for those that need it.

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Why choose Marketing Automation management services from Full Stack Marketing? 

Full Stack Marketing has the experience and knowledge to install, configure, and integrate marketing automation solutions with your existing infrastructure. We have successfully installed and managed solutions such as Salesforce Marketing (including Pardot) and Salesforce Sales, Hubspot, Adobe, Sugar CRM and Salesfusion, Infusionsoft (now KEAP), Marketo, SharpSpring, Act-On, Active Campaign, and many others. 

Which Solution Is Best?

Simply put, that depends upon your needs and the scalability needed for future growth. Some clients need the enterprise level solutions offered by providers such a Oracle, Adobe, and Salesforce. Most companies are well served by solutions from Hubspot, SharpSpring, Marketo, and KEAP. And honestly, some need only email and social marketing automations to meet their needs.

Software Advice did an excellent comparison of 319 automation solutions. The site gives you the ability to filter on use, price, ratings, and recommendations. Check it out.

Full Stack Marketing works directly with our automation partners to ensure that you receive the value expected from your automation investment. In addition, we go beyond installation and configuration though services that include automation platform management, training, and platform maintenance and when necessary, platform upgrades.

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