Paid Media consists of several different types of paid strategic marketing efforts to increase exposure, promote opportunities to achieve specific goals, and drive a positive return on investment (ROI). Of the many areas that fall under paid media, the primary channels include paid search, paid social media, programmatic/display advertising, connected/streaming TV, however, the list is seemingly limitless! Essentially, paid media encompasses any non-organic promotional campaigns that are not acquired via “earned efforts”.

Paid media runs on premium results with campaigns that are targeted to show the right ad to the right users at the right time. Full Stack Marketing  leverages various campaign management tools, that can provide constant analysis to identify performance-enhancing modifications and other opportunities.

While Paid Media is its own sector of marketing, it can reinforce organic efforts as well. Omni-channel solutions are a collaborative effort that can strengthen the execution of each respective digital strategy. The analysts at Full Stack Marketing can investigate various digital platforms and correct any inconsistencies across all content, paid or organic.

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