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$12.95 on the 1st of each month and a $10.00 sign-up fee

First payment: July 1, 2024

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Overview of SocialPilot Benefits

SocialPilot is an online social media scheduling tool for social media professionals, bloggers and marketing agencies. Here are some of the unique features which help us to be apart from others.

Custom Facebook Branding: Whenever something is shared using automation tools like a buffer, HootSuite or any other scheduling tool, Facebook shows their branding (app name) along with the post. Using SocialPilot, the user can put their own branding so it does not look automated and help them to have their own branding. Customization and flexibility can also make the system work in accordance with your business rules, which is quite a rare catch in the social media scheduling and sharing environment.

Bulk Scheduling: With SocialPilot, the user can easily create a bulk posts by uploading CSV file with 500 posts. It’s a very handy feature for marketing agencies who require client approval for social media post content, and have a considerable number of  posts to share per day. In fact, this is the feature that makes SocialPilot handy for enterprise-grade clients.

SocialPilot Bulk Scheduling

Team Collaboration: SocialPilot works for the team, but also with the team. The users can easily invite their team member to work in collaboration, share files, communicate, and come up with some useful business ideas. SocialPilot does not charge for per team member, so feel free to include as many participants as you want.

Social Media Calendar: Social media calendar helps marketing agencies and other users to visualize their social media sharing strategies to make them more creative and fruitful. Thereof, SocialPilot is a first-class partner for depicting positive and negative marketing trends.

Powerful Browser Extension: SocialPilot offers browser extension for Chrome, Firefox and Safari which let the user, share an interesting article from the internet. They also can use a browser extension to share posts from their Facebook newsfeed and Twitter timeline. One of the exciting features of browser extension is, it allows you to schedule images from Canva too. All things together, we’re discussing an amazingly integrated product that can blend in every software architecture.

Social Media Analytics: SocialPilot provides powerful, yet easy to understand social media analytics to let you improvise your social media marketing and efficiency. With Social Media Analytics of SocialPilot you not only can analyze content posted from SocialPilot but just each everything (content posted from anywhere) on your page and social accounts.
SocialPilot Analytics
Client Management: With the Client Management feature, you can very easily manage your client’s social accounts hassle-free. You don’t need to keep waiting for the client’s to give you their account credentials or make you an admin to manage their page. You can now manage  their accounts without exchanging account credentials and also use your own brand name and logo while inviting them to avoid revealing your social media tool-kit.

A few comparisons to Hootsuite

While Hootsuite only lets you connect up to 35 accounts at $599/month. SocialPilot enables you to work with 75 different accounts.

The main differences between SocialPilot vs Hootsuite are:

  • SocialPilot allows bulk scheduling with images, whereas Hootsuite does not allow this with images
  • SocialPilot allows for custom Facebook branding, whereas Hootsuite does not
  • SocialPilot integrates with the Canva browser extension, whereas Hootsuite does not
  • SocialPilot allows up to 200 profiles, whereas Hootsuite is capped at 50 profiles per account

Our services include set up and access to your own Social Pilot personalized dashboard (multiple users included with ability to restrict permissions as necessary. Limited to 8* connected accounts.

*Additional accounts available at additional fee.


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